Love in small way’s.

What is Love?

We think love is only by saying I love you to a person. But like they say action’s speaks louder then words.

The true meaning of love is never seen . It’s small day to day things in our lives to show Love.

Like making Tea for each other. Small way’s of helping in the house. When your spouse cooks even a small meal a small appreciation for the efforts made.

If you’re spouse is looking well dressed , a compliment needed.

When your sick you take care of each other.

Not to compare between your wife and another woman , or your spouse and another man.


Love is eating together, watching the show together, watching movies of each other’s choices. Sometimes doing the sillest things together.

A long drive or a dinner date just you and her. A special dish being cooked.

Helping in the house chores. Being honest to each other. Introducing your family and friends to each other .

No lies just the truth. Every thing needs to be transparent. When you lie once you need to weave another lie. So don’t lie cos once you lie once you have lie again.

Love your spouse, give them emotional and physical security. Be together through good times and Bad.


Author: loveyourself220

Life is beautiful. You die only once and live each day.

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