We are all united.

The gray cloud’s. The rain drops. The sun hiding behind some clouds like as though the sun doesn’t exist.

Slowly from drizzles of rain it starts pouring. People running for shelter.

Couples trying to walk under one umbrella to prevent getting drenched. Children hugging on to their parents as fear of slipping.

But in the end we are all united. The rain bestows us with coolness.



What is the true meaning of friendship?

It stays undefined.

Some friends are like diamonds, rare, genuine and will guide you through goodness and make you a better person.


Some friends are fake. Try to be fake happiness for you but deep in their hearts are jealous of your progress.

Some friends are totally out of touch through out the year..they meet you once a year but make you feel like you have been with them the entire year and they know you so well.


Some friends are always watching your every move , ups and downs but are silent watchers. They never say good or bad but they exist somewhere.


And some friends are as good as Dead. They came and went in your life and left no memory or footprint in your heart and as time passes by you forget their names and their faces as though they never existed.


Some friends know you only when they are in dire needs, but never there to return what they take from you.

This life is long. Find the right friends who care about you, your family and ensure that you are on the right track.


There will be many who will pose a friend’s but never see you happy with you being with family, or never happy that you are happy.


Who needs enemies to stab you in the back when you’re friends can stab you in you heart.









Lonely nights. Starry night.

Where is my life heading I am clueless.

I look out of the window and see the Moon and wonder, what does the Moon think about Earth and it’s people.

The moon is so claming. It brings inner peace. It makes me feel relaxed while I know that someone is Watching over me.

It’s God’s creation and we should be thankful for what he has bestowed on us.


Stop being ungrateful to life and Cherish what he has given us.



Rainy day

  1. Rainy Day.

I love the rain’s but from indoors. The thought of me going out and getting drenched is an awfully cold feeling. The joy of watching children play in puddle’s and splash water looks awesome.

My daughter finds joy in returning from school and giving me her bag so she can run into puddles of water.

When I see her do such things and her finding happiness in getting drenched makes me wish I could be like her.

But nevertheless ,  I will find happiness through her smile and eyes and just be happy the way I am. Hopefully one day I won’t irk with the thought of getting drenched and feeling cold and learn to enjoy the rain’s like kids do.


I wish I would rather take a mini vacation and head towards Lonavala and enjoy the view of mountains with water flowing down.


Till then Happy rain’s to everyone who enjoy rain’s and love lazing on bed with a nice comfy comforter.